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Anger Management and Domestic Violence Institute

We provide Anger Management Classes and Battering Intervention and Prevention Program - BIPP Classes in the greater Houston TX area.

Anger Management Classes

Anger is a natural basic human emotion that is often used to express negative feelings. Road rage, violent behavior, inappropriate verbal attacks, aggression, bullying others, and lack of appreciation for others are examples of issues that benefit from anger management classes.

Due to recent world events, there has been a dramatic increase in the need for resources to manage stress and anger. Anger Management & Domestic Violence Institute' classes provide a safe educational environment for clients to learn expressions of anger that are acceptable to society so that violence and self-destructive behavior can be avoided. You will certainly benefit from our classes by learning what stress is, as well as stress management strategies. You will moreover learn how to be more "emotionally intelligent" and how to use proven communication skills to become a more effective person.

Our program is designed for those who are seeking self-help; court mandated referrals, and those referred by Human Resource Managers, Employee Assistance Professionals, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselors, as well as concerned parents, and spouses. We also have one-on-one Anger Management-Executive Coaching for executives, physicians, police officers, firefighters, managers, supervisors, and anyone else who would prefer a private setting or are not appropriate for mixed or open groups.

Anger management & domestic violence institute

Anger Management & Domestic Violence Institute uses the Anderson & Anderson's intervention program developed by George Anderson, which is the most effective and most widely recognized anger management curriculum in the world. The anger management class workbooks contain exercises focusing on enhancing emotional intelligence, improving assertive communication, as well as behavior strategies for recognizing, dealing with, and managing anger and stress. It is currently being used in various schools, after-school programs, mental health programs, colleges, universities, prisons, probation departments, employee assistance programs, and organizational training for businesses and corporations.

We have dedicated ourselves to taking an active role in our Houston, TX community to increase the awareness of anger management.

Battering Intervention and Prevention Program - BIPP Classes

Domestic violence comes in many different forms. We often think of domestic violence as a man beating a woman. However, it can also include sexual abuse, emotional abuse and child abuse. In many cases, those who perpetrate domestic violence on their partners also use emotional tactics, sex and even the kids as weapons and targets. Many children who come from an abusive home experience some type of abuse themselves and often grow up to be batterers and victims themselves.

Domestic violence and abuse is all about a need for power and using violence as a control method to seek power. The batterer must be a person of power in the family structure and must be using violence or other behavior to control the actions of others. This is the basic essence of what domestic violence is all about. The perception of power in the relationship by the batterer as well as those around them and the need for constant control. Domestic violence is the ultimate form of control.

Who is responsible for domestic violence? The batterer. Not society. Not drugs or alcohol. Not a history of violence in their home. Not the economy. Not the victim (as many batterers will often blame the victim for their behavior). The cause of domestic violence is the fault of the batterer. He or she has made a choice to use this weapon as a way to exercise power and control in the relationship.

Domestic violence is wrong - plain and simple. It is an unacceptable form of behavior in society and harms everyone who is a victim or even witnesses the abuse. Just about every single person knows someone who is a batterer, has been the victim of a batterer, has perpetrated acts of violence against family members or has been a victim.

Anger management & domestic violence institute

Are all batterers men? Absolutely not. But men are the perpetrators of most cases of domestic violence against their partners. The Anger Management & Domestic Violence Institute's Battering Intervention and Prevention Program - BIPP classes provide services for male batterers only.

It is not the purpose of the BIPP classes to find excuses for the batterer's behavior or to even try to understand it, although we will discuss how this behavior is learned. This program will teach batters how to recognize their actions, the effect they have on everyone around them, how to re-learn their thought process and how to control their behavior. If they want power and control, they must seek it over themselves and learn that they have the power to change their behavior and control their actions.

We have dedicated ourselves to take an active role in our Houston TX community to increase the awareness of domestic violence.