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Anger: Good News and Bad News

 The Good News: Anger Can Save Your Life  Legend has it that when noted wilderness–survival expert Tom Brown slipped through thin ice and into a frigid lake miles from help, he immediately employed one of his most potent survival tools—anger! His anger at himself for having fallen into the lake in the first place, the…

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Emotional Intelligence a critical factor in anger management

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to create positive incomes in relationship to others and ourselves. It is the practice of being aware, understanding, appropriately expressing and handling emotional states in ourselves and others. Emotional intelligence is an important skill to acquire because of its usefulness in leadership, sales, marriage and interpersonal relationships at work, school…

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Consumer Fraud Alert

Consumer Alert for persons considering anger management classes on-line Consumer Fraud: False or misleading Internet anger management ads Anderson & Anderson has earned the reputation as “The Trusted Name in Anger Management”. We have devoted our many years of practice to providing quality professional services to consumers and professionals. In the absence of state standards…

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