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Predictions for Professional Anger Management Services in 2009

Well trained, Certified Anger Management Facilitators will enjoy increased international recognition as useful intervention for stress, anger, communication and emotional intelligence. By George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAP The increase in demand for services will come from the following areas: · The state of Texas will mandate anger management classes for all middle school students.…

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Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence

The four domains of emotional intelligence are: ·Self-awareness/anger management ·Self-control ·Social Awareness ·Relationship Management Anger management is actually the key to managing all intense, negative emotions. Emotions determine our styles of communication as well as our ability to make decisions. Anger is a common symptom of stress. All legitimate anger management classes, as well as…

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Recession Increases the Demand for Anger Management Services

As our economy continues to decline, there is a dramatic increase in referrals to anger management coaching programs. It is generally recognized that stress is rampant among persons who have lost jobs, faced foreclosures and other consequences of a down economy. The holiday period exacerbates these stresses. Anger is a secondary emotion that is always…

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