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Managing Disruptive Physician-Generated Risk in Communication Patterns

A physician’s communication style can dramatically increase the risk of serious error in patient care.  Simple adjustments in style can conversely reduce risk and liability.  The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson written in 1981 has sold millions of copies. It is still a gold standard of manageable ways to reduce work…

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Professional Consequences for the Disruptive Physician—the role of other physicians and professional organizations

Physicians considered “disruptive” in their professional lives are now faced with a greater possibility of administrative interventions due to JCAHO standards.  Interventions could result in loss of facility privileges, limited or lost privileges to practice medicine and even legal proceedings.  Physicians should be aware that administrative agencies could require that a disruptive physician undergo psychological…

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Anger Management Executive Coaching Services for Physicians in Houston, Texas

Anger Management Institute of Texas’ Executive Coaching Program for Disruptive Physicians is experiencing a dramatic increase in referrals from Texas, and Louisiana.  All of the referrals have been made by management of accredited hospital/organizations as a result of JCAHO Sentinel Event Alert Issue 40, July 9, 2008 which became effective January 1, 2009 regarding physicians displaying…

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