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The Disruptive Physician and Emotionality

Dedication, commitment, investment…hard work and vision.  These are the givens.  The personality characteristics that help those seeking a career in medicine succeed, however, can also be the very same characteristics that can eventually undermine the practitioner’s workplace effectiveness and personal well-being.  Most will enter training with an altruistic desire and vision to be of service,…

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Disruptive Physicians and the Emotional Toll of Medical Practice

Many physicians work in a demanding professional climate fraught with long hours, rapidly paced schedules and, most often, an overwhelming clinical responsibility.  As a backdrop to these daily rigors, the onus of legal liability along with professional isolation, will, over the long haul, exponentially compound the emotional toll of a medical practice. While these are…

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Disruptive Physicians: Evaluating Your Own Interactional Style – Passivity and Passive Aggression

Passivity and passive aggression in medical practice may actually be one and the same.  A passive physician can be disruptive to effective patient care and the performance of the work team.  An ‘absent’ physician can also greatly increase the risk of error and adverse incidents.  Passive behaviors such as not communicating pertinent clinical information through…

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