I am the Program Director of the Anger Management Institute of Texas.  We offer anger management services and are located in Houston, Texas


Because of the name of my organization, I frequently receive inquiries from individuals, agencies, and employers throughout the Great State of Texas requesting anger management services.  Since I am located in Houston, I am unable to provide anger management services statewide.  In order to have a resource to which I can refer clients outside the Houston area, I decided to develop an Anger Management Resource Directory for Texas.


I am writing to you to see if you would be interested in adding your business to this directory. The only requirement is that you provide a link back to the Texas Anger Management Resources Directory.  Link exchanges not only help your visitors get valuable resources from your website, they also help increase search engine rankings.  Reciprocal links are best when the sites are related; exchanging links with this directory will be beneficial to your business.


If you are interested in submitting your business listing on the Texas Anger Management Resources Directory, just go to http://www.ami-tx.org. Click on the “Submit Link” item from the main menu and enter your business/website information.  I will be notified of your pending link request.  After reviewing your request and confirming the presence of a reciprocal link on your website, your approved and verified link will be displayed on the directory under the appropriate region/city.


The reciprocal linking code that must appear on your website is as follows:


<a href=”http://www.ami-tx.org” target=”_blank”>Texas Anger Management Resources Directory</a>


Thank you in advance for participating in this link exchange program.




Gregory A. Kyles

Anger Management Institute of Texas



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