by Shannon Cavers

Divorce is ranked 2nd in the top 10 stressors in life according to psychological experts.  When humans experience stressful circumstances, it is not surprising that intense emotions such as anger, hostility, and resentment may surface.  Left unchecked, these emotions may lead to inappropriate aggressive behavior.  This is why courts sometimes order one or both parties to attend an anger management program.

Though some of my clients initially resented being ordered to anger management, upon completion, many find that  they are able communicate with others more effectively, better handle tense situations (both family and professional), and reduce the amount of tension experienced by their children during the divorce process. 

For more information on what to expect from an anger management program, feel free to visit the Anger Management Institute of Texas.  There are four locations in the Houston area:

2200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 420, Houston, TX 77098

9000 W. Bellfort, Suite 250, Houston, TX 77031

11821 East Freeway, Suite 555, Houston, TX 77029

301 South 9th Street, Suite 111, Richmond, TX 77469

Gregory A. Kyles, M.A., LPC, CEAP, CAMF
Director, Anger Management Institute of Texas
Diplomate, President of Texas Chapter
American Association of Anger Management Providers
Houston, Texas

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