I am a retired physician who decided to enter the teaching world and required extensive training and certification in Anger Management. After a lengthy search for sources for this training, I chose Anderson and Anderson’s program because Professor George Anderson, a former member of the staff of UCLA, is the foremost leader and world-renowned expert and writer in Anger Management.

Last week I attended the Certification and Training Workshop in Anger Management presented by Professor Anderson in Oakland, California. Several students and guests were in attendance and represented Las Vegas, Nevada, Cleveland, Ohio, Portland, Oregon, Fairbanks, Alaska as well as Northern California and locally, Oakland and San Jose, California. By profession, the attendees included physicians, a psychologist, a college professor and several drug and rehabilitation counselors.

The course was presented and taught by Professor Anderson.  The workshop training was for three days, eight hours each and the syllabus included Adolescent and Adult Anger Management as well as Executive Coaching.  Included in the course was instruction and training in both short and long form Conover Assessment Testing, a well-known assessment program. Several published books by George Anderson are used in this course: CONTROLLING OURSELVES (2003), GAINING CONTROL OF OURSELVES (2005), A Suggested Guide for Anger Management/Facilitator’s GUIDE (2007) and EXECUTIVE COACHING.

Professor Anderson’s didactic teaching methods include not only lectures and personal observations and group discussion, but also DVD presentations of the subject matter, which was presented in an understandable, concise and intelligent way. Time was available for question and answers as well extensive discussion.

The presentation of this course was on an extremely high level and was the equivalent to that of any college or medical school course I have ever taken.

Dr. Steven J. Sinert (August, 28, 2007)


Gregory A. Kyles, M.A., LPC, CEAP, CAMF
Director, Anger Management Institute of Texas
Diplomate, President of Texas Chapter
American Association of Anger Management Providers
Houston, Texas

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