Through no fault of her own, Naomi Campbell, like so many other
celebrities, has never received anger management. Instead, she has
received counseling or psychotherapy for what amounts to a non-
existing mental or emotional disorder. Further, the person who
provided the services had no formal training or experience in teaching
or coaching anger management.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, anger is a normal
human emotion. Everyone experiences anger. All mental and nervous
disorders are catalogued and listed in The Diagnostic and Statistical
Manual of Nervous and Mental Disorders (DSMIV). There is no listing
for anger. Anger is considered by the APA to be a “lifestyle” issue.

Authorities in the field of anger management consider anger to be a
problem under the following conditions:

* When it is too intense
* When it occurs too frequently
* When it leads to health problems
* When it lasts too long
* When it destroys work, school or family relationships
* Or when it leads to aggression or person-directed violence

Anger management is a class that can be taught using a one-on-one
coaching format or small group. All providers must have specific
training and Certification in Anger Management. Prior to enrollment in
an anger management class, each participant must undergo an
assessment. The assessment is designed to determine the client’s level
of functioning in recognizing stress, anger, assertive communication
and empathy/emotional intelligence. The fifth assessment area is
“motivation to change”.

Following the assessment, clients who are motivated to change are
assigned a client workbook with skill enhancement information,
exercises and quizzes to increase performance in the aforementioned
areas. Following the completion of the anger management coaching or
class, a post-test is given to determine the success, or lack of
success, of the anger management intervention.

While some mental health professionals are also Certified Anger
Management Facilitators, most psychiatrists, psychotherapists and
psychologists have no training in this field. Currently, none of the
training programs in Medicine, Clinical Social Work or Clinical
Psychology offer training or Certification in Anger Management
Facilitation. This can easily be confirmed by simply contacting the
Professional Schools in your State and asking: Do you offer training
in anger management for mental health professionals?

For a list of trained, Certified Anger Management Facilitators/
Coaches, visit the following websites:, or

By Rasheed Ahmed

Anger Management Classes available 7 days a week in Houston, Texas.

Gregory A. Kyles, M.A., LPC, CEAP, CAMF
Director, Anger Management Institute of Texas
Diplomate, President of Texas Chapter
American Association of Anger Management Providers


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