If anger becomes an emotion that occurs too often, is felt too intensely or causes some inappropriate behavior (verbal, physical), then anger is a problem.  Additionally, problematic anger can have a great deal of impact upon health and physical well-being.

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Anger naturally causes a rise in heart rate and blood pressure, even when anger problems are not present, however, individuals who have chronic anger, or recurring intense anger in episodes, can have high pulse rates and high blood pressure frequently and for prolonged periods.  This can result in serious medical issues such as hypertension and heart disease. 

Furthermore, escalated levels of strain upon the body such as those that occur in problematic anger can, over the long run, create other multiple physical problems that are experienced as intense bodily discomfort daily.  Some of the physical consequences of chronic anger must be managed medically to prevent, for example, the extreme problems associated with heart disease and hypertension. 

Also, ulcers, other digestive problems, headaches and chronic muscle tension throughout the body are common for people with anger management problems.  Some people with chronic and problematic anger will have a lowered resistance to infection as chronic stress wears down the immune system.  Complications of ‘adrenalin dumping’ (anger creates surges of adrenalin that ready the body for fight and survival mode) can seriously affect the nervous system and lead to other debilitating conditions.  It is not uncommon for individuals with anger management problems to have a variety of physical problems that, in themselves, can wear down the ability to use appropriate coping skills.

While anger problems will naturally have negative consequences upon others as the individual interacts in problematic ways, the biology of anger is often a silent and accumulating, serious issue for those with anger management problems.  Often the other negative consequences of problematic anger (social, legal, occupational) are much more apparent and the physical issues—many of which can be serious—are discovered much later.  Anger management Classes can be a significant investment in one’s own health and well-being. 

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Gregory A. Kyles, LPC, CEAP, PHR, CAMF
Anger Management & Domestic Violence Institute of Texas

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