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Anger Management: The Value of Emotional Intelligence

A few years ago Emotional Intelligence came into the mainstream and everyone was learning more about how they handed their emotions. Many businesses use this to help communication between workers and the boss. Understanding your emotional intelligence is an important part of everyday life because it helps you create a more balanced life. Emotional Intelligence…

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Effective Stress Management Skills for the Workplace

The reasons for stress are varied. Some of the common stressors are financial worries, medical issues, work pressures, traffic congestion, child related issues, strained relationships, death of a loved one and loneliness. Stress affects you both physically and mentally. Headaches, allergies, insomnia, lethargy, hair loss and exhaustion are physical symptoms of stress. Other symptoms of…

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Why are Physicians Angry?

Anger is a normal human emotion experienced by people from all walks of life and all professions. It is primitive and all-pervasive. Nobody can prevent the onslaught of anger. Being in the medical profession is not a ticket to an anger-free life. Physicians experience anger as much as their patients. It is a long hard…

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