By Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF 

After seeing many clients in anger management it is clear that the concept of anger as a secondary emotion is the most powerful. I have been privileged to see from those who have a limited education to high level business executives and they all understand this very simple concept. They get it. They realize that more than any thing else they must understand that anger is driven by some other emotion like fear, loneliness or feeling overwhelmed. The breakthrough often comes when clients realize that the best way to control the anger is to meet the need that is driving the anger. They also embrace the idea that anger and other emotions are mere signals not a call to action. This change in thinking allows them to develop a level of self talk that allows them to take responsibly for their own emotional needs and meet them in healthy ways. In essence the good anger manager must also be more emotionally intelligent. This concept of anger as a secondary emotion should be thought in all anger management programs. In my mind it is one of the foundational components to long term anger management success.

Gregory A. Kyles, M.A., LPC, CEAP, CAMF
Director, Anger Management Institute of Texas
Diplomate, President of Texas Chapter
American Association of Anger Management Providers
Houston, Texas

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